Exodus - Fantasy or Reality.

Exodus is a free Ultima Online server run by Sphere 56B and is set in the Mondains legacy era. Exodus was origanly designed to be an OSI server, but has come a long way since then and now has tons more features for you to explore and discover.
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PostSubject: Update List   Update List Icon_minitimeWed Mar 05, 2008 5:58 pm

06/04 - Added new stable feature
06/05 - Started Spawning Prism of Light (no Shimmering Effusion yet)
05/04 - Fixed mounting pets with poison, then crashing client and maintaining follower slots
05/04 - ?Fixed crash?
21/03 - Silver coin id changed to avoid being consumed as gold
21/03 - Runebook price decreased
21/03 - Special Logs can now only be found with 80.0 or more skill
21/03 - Veterinary heals more hitpoints
21/03 - Chance to read a treasure map lowered
21/03 - Parrying with a shield no longer gets affected by Bushido (too many players seem to forget that there's a website)
17/03 - Houses now are created with force field turned on
17/03 - Fixed doors on custom multis didn't have a lock
16/03 - Made it so runes dropped on towns and safe places stay there for 2 days (unless picked up) and also asks for a description, this way you can throw runes to your shops on towns so players can use recall on them
15/03 - Fixed mining not working properly
15/03 - Added reward title based on deaths (at least 10 to have lowest level title)
14/03 - Buy/Sell Agent reallowed
14/03 - Added Enchance Potion, Gold Increase and Status Bonus to bracelets and rings found on loots
13/03 - Blank scrolls are now craftable
13/03 - Labyrinth now asks for a quest to be entered
13/03 - Silver coins now have no weight
12/03 - Added .chat command (.chat on / .chat off to turn it on/off)
12/03 - Fixed bug where npcs wouldn't attack you
11/03 - Added Select Reward Title menu, to turn on/off reward titles (Harrower killer title, virtue titles, etc)
11/03 - Fixed bug where Escorts would ask to be taken exactly where they were
10/03 - Craftsman Satchel's no longer gives money
10/03 - Fixed a bug where you could put negative values for sale on vendors and get millions of gold from it
09/03 - Added Pestilence Champion Group
09/03 - Bedlam now asks for a quest to be entered
08/03 - Added a few more rare animal spawners
08/03 - Added a few more quests
08/03 - Added Bear Slayers
07/03 - Fixed: Named Monsters weren't counting on slayer weapons
07/03 - Insurance now costs 1.5k
06/03 - Dragons now consume 3 follower slots (they have been weakened) and drakes 2
06/03 - Max pets hitpoints is set to 650
06/03 - Veterinary calculations changed
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Update List
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