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Exodus is a free Ultima Online server run by Sphere 56B and is set in the Mondains legacy era. Exodus was origanly designed to be an OSI server, but has come a long way since then and now has tons more features for you to explore and discover.
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 New reward title - Champions

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New reward title - Champions Empty
PostSubject: New reward title - Champions   New reward title - Champions Icon_minitimeSat Mar 15, 2008 12:32 pm

Added reward titles for killing each champion, titles are:

Monster Group: First Tier / Second Tier / Third Tier
Abyss: Foe of the Abyss / Assassin of the Abyss / Conqueror of the Abyss
Arachnid: Bane of the Arachnid / Killer of the Arachnid / Vanquisher of the Arachnid
Cold Blood: Blight of the Cold Blood / Slayer of the Cold Blood / Destroyer of the Cold Blood
Forest Lord: Enemy of the Forest Lord / Curse of the Forest Lord / Slaughterer of the Forest Lord
Vermin Horde: Adversary of the Vermin Horde / Subjugator of the Vermin Horde / Eradicator of the Vermin Horde
Unholy Terror: Scourge of the Unholy Terror / Punisher of the Unholy Terror / Nemesis of the Unholy Terror
Sleeping Dragon: Rival of the Sleeping Dragon / Challenger of the Sleeping Dragon / Antagonist of the Sleeping Dragon
Pestilence: Cleanser of the Corrupt / Expunger of the Corrupt / Slayer of the Corrupt
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New reward title - Champions
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